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The Best Places To Fish Near Temagami

Best Places to Fish Near Temagami

Venturing North: Temagami’s Wilderness and Unique Stays

In the heart of Ontario’s northland, where the scent of old-growth pine lingers in the air, and waters shimmer with an azure intensity, lies Temagami. It’s a region that captures the quintessential Canadian wilderness and magnetically draws adventurers towards its rugged beauty.

Driving along Highway 11, you approach Temagami, a portal to Ontario’s wilderness. The striking tableau of the great northland unfolds before you: pristine pine forests, resplendent waters, abundant wildlife, and pristine snow. The population may be a mere 802, but what Temagami lacks in human occupants, it compensates for with its natural wealth.

Closer still, just south of the village, lies Finlayson Point Provincial Park, cradled by towering pines and caressed by Lake Temagami’s shoreline. Despite being conveniently close to the Trans-Canada Highway, Finlayson Point feels worlds away from the daily rush, offering a serene sanctuary.

As you explore Temagami’s vast wilderness and vibrant community, remember the thrill isn’t confined to daytime. Evenings are for relishing local gastronomy in popular restaurants, boutique shopping, or simply unwinding with a waterfront picnic.


Diving into the second half of this story, let’s spotlight three unique stays that exemplify Temagami’s charm: Olive the Lake, Lake Herridge Lodge, and Andorra Accessible Cottages.

First, step into Olive the Lake, an enchanting property offering an authentic northern Ontario experience. Nestled on a private lake, this awarded fishing lodge combines relaxation with exhilarating pursuits. Their fishing packages promise an adventure, whether you’re casting for your first catch or you’re an experienced angler. The tranquility is undeniable; the only disturbance might be a tug on your fishing line or the soft call of a distant loon.

Next, we find Lake Herridge Lodge, an idyllic retreat known for its remote lake fishing. Their fleet of 14-foot boats and access to remote, road-inaccessible lakes provides an incomparable angling adventure. The lodge’s housekeeping plan packages allow for flexible stays, and don’t miss out on a guided fishing trip on your first day. The serene solitude, punctuated by the thrill of reeling in a big catch, forms the perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable memories.

Finally, Andorra Accessible Cottages make sure everyone can experience the charm of a cottage vacation. Located on Net Lake, just five minutes north of Temagami, it offers breathtaking views and plentiful outdoor activities. What sets Andorra apart is their focus on accessibility, with renovated cottages equipped for individuals with complex physical needs. This is a place where inclusivity meets beauty, where everyone, regardless of their mobility or special needs, can enjoy the thrill of an adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a city dweller seeking an escape, the vast wilderness of Temagami and these unique stays offer a journey through nature’s splendor. The charm of Temagami is a whispered promise of adventure, waiting to be discovered, explored, and loved. So, why wait? Pack your bags and venture north, where the wilderness awaits.